The Aliens are Coming! The Aliens are Coming!


We all know that they are coming.  If they exist at all, and if the speed of light isn’t a barrier but merely a speed limit suggestion, they will come, sooner or later.

Throughout modern literary history, fictional aliens have come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and all sorts of dispositions.  Bug Eyed Monsters.  Little Green Men.  Statuesque women.  Kindly, generous old men.  Secret rodent eaters.  Lizards.  Angels and demons.  Machines and magicians.  Warriors bent on destruction.  Refugees looking for a new home.  Peacemakers and warmongers.  Liberators and slave-takers.  Explorers and diplomats and traders and exploiters.

First contact and alien invasion stories have ranged from shoot-em-ups, to bodice-rippers, to alien romances; fights for survival to intellectual extrapolations, and everything in between.  Whatever your favorite type of alien contact story, you should be able to find it here.

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